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Arab Regional Training Center


About The Center

Arab Regional Training Center consists of a leading elite of specialized trainers with creative skills in training and development.

The Arab Center for Training and Development is seeking for Technical Education and Vocational Training to qualify national cadres for marketable professional and administrative positions.

Where this interest stems from our wise leaders’ wise directives, which aim to create an integrated homeland that is self-reliant on its resources and on the strength of its youth armed with science and faith in order to continue advancing development in our beloved  country, the United Arab Emirates.

The management of the center intends to provide advanced training programs as a positive step toward the UAE’s goal of advancing  human resources using new scientific approaches that simulate market requirements in all professions.

This step was represented as a basic pillar in the training programs in the project of preparing and training working, financial, and administrative personnel in order to conform to the scientific vision and the actual reality imposed by the  market with an integrated view of training programs more closely related to the  market and the development of basic skills for managers, leaders, and administrative decision-makers, and to reach the peak of personal p Exceptional mental fitness and ability to manage job challenges, treat stress, and double performance.

Our Vision



Creative leadership in training and development.

Our Message



Training and professional and self-development to exchange experiences and acquire creative skills in training.

Our Goals



  • A professional practice that qualifies the trainee to upgrade the training process on a scientific basis that leads to progress and prosperity.
  • Creative leadership vision for planning and achieving goals in accordance with sustainable development.
  • Providing participants with knowledge of the methods and methods of identifying and analyzing problems.
  • Extensive investigation and continual scientific research to avoid shortcomings on a good scientific basis that can lead to the improvement process that distant education and getting professional scientific certificates imply.
  • Develop leaders who can see the message of institutional excellence and lead by example to create a culture of excellence, as well as learn from others who have made significant success.
  • Raising the efficiency of individuals through training based on follow-up and observation and directing individuals towards acquiring the right skill and experience.