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After the rapid developments that the world is witnessing, it has always become necessary to learn new skills and sciences, especially in the field of security and safety, which is involved in various areas of life. of the laws applied globally.

The concept of security and safety

Security means protecting individuals and property from accidental dangers and emergencies that may be intended or unintended, and that occur without warning; such as fires, accidents, and thefts, which sometimes kill people or damage property, while safety means protecting people and property from recurring work or actual life conditions that unintentionally pose a danger to people or property; Such as protecting factory workers from the chemicals they are exposed to every day by having to wear gloves, masks, and others.

Safety and security application

Basic rules were set to ensure security and safety in different places and for different ages, and it was necessary to educate people about them and spread a culture of security and safety among all segments of society, in addition to establishing security and safety departments in various institutions and organizations that would verify the application of safety rules and standards and constantly strive to develop procedures Preventive measures and providing the necessary equipment for this, in addition to spreading awareness of potential risks and how to deal with them, and training people to implement security and safety programs and how to use the equipment for that.